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As a highly motivated and accomplished photographer with a vast network of international contacts,
I have proven experience of working with some of the largest brands within the industry.

Experienced and innovative, I bring forth a true passion for capturing special moments through a lens to produce
spectacular graphics and photographs.

Committed to the ultimate satisfaction of a client, and adept in using the most current photographic hardware and software,

I am dedicated to providing world class customer service.


• Effective communication and networking qualities
• Experience of DVD and Blu-ray interactive menu graphics
• Highly creative with outstanding technical photography skills
• Meticulous attention to detail with high levels of patience and concentration
• Expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Lightroom and 3DstudioMax


Self-employed 2017 – Present
Freelance Photographer

• Designing an assortment of publications with Adobe InDesign such as catalogues, brochures
and advertisements for yachts, boats, football teams and stores for various companies.

• Upholding membership with the Casarsaguru team which involves taking pictures for iStock
and GettyImages.

ArteVideo, Palmanova, Italy 1999 – 2017  Head Graphic Designer

• Demonstrating high-end creativity when designing movie-based graphic designs for web
pages such as; Netflix, iTunes, Google and Sony.

• Managing the graphics and creating DVD and BLU-RAY menus for all of the main film distributors such as
Cecchi Gori, Medusa, Dolmen, National Geographic, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, plus many more.

Scenarist Designer Course – Photoshop, London
Boudoir Photography – Michael Sasser (